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Do you want your drapes to look clean and fresh without any hassle? If yes, then you have reached the correct page. We are the best and most reliable for drapes cleaning in Adelaide. Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide has years of experience in drape cleaning. We have many teams of technicians that clean all types and sizes of curtains, blinds and drapes. Drapery cleaning needs extreme care and dedication. That is why choosing a professional service that has been successfully cleaning all types of drapes is important for you at this time. In these several years, we have earned a solid industrial reputation as the most reliable and trustworthy drapes cleaning service in Adelaide.

We at Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide follow strict and fine procedures for excellent results of drape cleaning. We have proved our services as best by working for many clienteles. We aim to provide our client with a healthy environment by cleaning their drapes and curtains. Call us right away and hire the most trustworthy people in the industry of drape cleaning. We are available 24/7 for your queries, booking or even for emergencies. Our strong choice of equipment, mind-blowing knowledge about drape cleaning and expertise can clean your drapes in a few hours. So, do not wait for too long, call us right away.

Why Hire Us for Drapes Cleaning Service in Adelaide

By booking our services you will get superb quality of drape cleaning at a reasonable cost. We value our customer’s money and drapes and hence we thrive to provide high-quality drape cleaning services at minimum cost. Our services are easily accessible with a friendly staff that is ready to help you anytime. We have been in this industry for several years and we have marked an excellency in fulfilling our customer’s requirements of cleaning drapes, curtains and blinds. We serve both commercial and domestic premises. No drapes are too big or too small for us. You can book us right now and before that lay your eyes on the add-benefits:

Our professional staff is available all hours of the day and all days of the week. You can book services for public holidays too. After all, our customer’s convenience matters to us.

If you want to clean the drapes urgently due to any emergencies then our team can reach your place within an hour of your booking. We understand that emergencies can happen to anyone and hence we are always ready to clean your drapes in such time.

We have an excellent professional team of drape cleaners. The staff is experienced, skilled and well-trained. We are proud to have certified and licensed people working for us.

We use the latest tools and advanced high-tech machines to clean your drapes safely and quickly. Our cleaning methods are customized and we use safe chemicals for drapes cleaning in Adelaide.

You can compare our service charges with their drape cleaning services and you will come to know that we provide quality services and yet charge less. We don’t have any hidden policies for extra charges. You can discuss the charges at the time of the booking.

With the excellence and practical bend of mind, our professionals are also reliable and friendly. They will guide you throughout the procedure and make sure you are happy with the overall drape cleaning service.

So, call us anytime and ask for a free quotation for drape cleaning services in Adelaide. We will reach you immediately in case of emergencies. You can also ask for same-day services and get your drapes cleaned within the same day of booking. Hurry up, your drapes need this nourishment they deserve.

Know More About Our Services!

Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide has gained a reputation for quick and effective drape cleaning service in Adelaide. We have all the advanced tools and training specialised to clean your drapes. Call us anytime and we will be available for the services. For any other queries and information, you can connect with our staff. Give us a call and we will clean your drapes right away. Hurry up!

Why Professional Drapery Cleaning Is Important?

Your draperies are prone to attract dust, grime and pollutants every day. You must not neglect these precious draperies when they get dirty. These draperies appear dull and dingy if not cleaned regularly. It may also show some major damages like premature wear and tear. Professional drapes cleaning is important for your health and the safety of your loved ones. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring professionals for drapes cleaning:

1. Hidden dirt and allergens are removed by regular professional cleaning

The bacteria living on your drapes are not visible to the naked eyes. These invisible bacterias and germs can affect your family member’s health. The fabric of drapes may also come in contact with Curtain and the moisture or other climate condition can make it worse. The better way to handle all this is to call professionals and get your drapes cleaned occasionally.

2. Regular maintenance extends the life of your drapes

Draperies are like big investments. Once you buy drapes, you must keep them clean and secure so they won’t tear and wear. Professionals use safe chemicals and advanced machines for cleaning drapes.

3. Eliminate bad odour

Draperies can trap the odour of smoke, food, Curtain and whatnot. By cleaning your drapes, you make them free of this odour. The fresh odour after cleaning can make you feel the difference.

4. Pet hair and dander-free drapes

Drapery fabrics lock the pet hair and dander. This may trigger allergies. It is better to see professionals and clean the drapes regularly.

Pre-Inspection for Drape Cleaning Services

We follow a procedure to find the best suitable solution to your drapes. We are responsible to inspect to check your draperies and clean them accordingly. We observe the following factors before cleaning your drapes:

  • Our professionals measure your drapery to avoid misunderstanding about shrinkage.
  • We observe the damage, stains and defects of the drapes.
  • We also discuss our client’s special requirements for cleaning.
  • Our expert team points out the risks involved if any.
  • After this inspection, we discuss the cost and finalise the service.


Q1.) Is it necessary to clean drapes regularly?

Ans. Yes. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the drapes will safeguard your health from bacteria, pollutants and allergies. It will also give an amazing shiny look to your classy drapes and a fresh odour will lighten up the surroundings. Also, it will save your cost of drape replacement.

Q2.) Do your clean drapes of commercial sites?

Ans. Yes. We at Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide clean all types of drapes no matter the type or size. We serve both commercial and residential structures. You can call us anytime, we will reach your site, inspect the drapes and start the cleaning procedure.

Q3.) How much time does it take for you to reach the emergency site for drape cleaning?

Ans. In time of emergencies, we can reach the site within an hour of booking. You can rely on us even in emergency cases. We are the most trustworthy and reliable firm for drape cleaning in Adelaide. We work 24/7 for such emergency cases.

Q4.) Should I clean the drapes at home?

Ans. Yes, you can clean the drapes at home but hiring professionals will save your drapes from any damages. Professionals use safe solvents and machines for effective cleaning. You can use DIY techniques for drape cleaning but it will take your time and efforts. To get hassle-free drape cleaning, you must consider hiring professionals.

Q5.) Which is the best cleaning method for drapes?

Ans. Steam cleaning and dry cleaning are the two major methods used for drape cleaning. However, the best cleaning method depends on the condition of your drapes. Its fabric type, dirt and stains are the factors for choosing a cleaning method.

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