Curtain Mould Remover Cleaning Adelaide

Curtain Mould Removal Adelaide

Mould infestation has seen a sudden increase all around the globe in the past few years. Mould growth occurs frequently in dark and damp bedrooms. Spending time in such conditions isn’t ideal for you and your loved ones.

At, Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide we can remove all the moulds from your blinding curtains while cleaning them to the core. Our professionals carefully remove mould from the curtains and assure complete hygiene. After mould removal, the curtains are cleaned, dried, and returned to our customers in a new condition.

Our expert curtain mould remover recommends homeowners treat the windows and frames using diluted vinegar, while the curtains are getting cleaned. The vinegar and water solution eliminate the presence of mould spores and prevent further growth.

Why Choose Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide?

We offer a diverse range of services for curtain mould removal Adelaide.

  • Our technicians are highly qualified and licensed
  • We have years of experience in the industry
  • All our services and products are super affordable
  • We are available 24 hours and 7days a week
  • We also provide same-day and emergency services
  • Our products are delivered quickly and across the world
  • We provide services to both residential and commercial customers
  • We sincerely follow Australian government guidelines

Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide provides Two cleaning options:

Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide is leading in the industry and well-known for offering instant and effective services. We serve both residential and commercial customers by providing premium services of curtain mould removal Adelaide. And, our two cleaning options include:

  • On-site cleaning: Our professional will visit your location and remove all molds present on your curtains.
  • DIY products: our customers are free to purchase our curtain magic mould remover spray for mould elimination. Removing mould is quite an easy task with our product as it barely takes 15 minutes to conclude the task.

Our curtain mould remover has been quite popular all around the world as we have a loyal customer base. Our product contains just the exact balance of chemicals and is used by several other industries like dry cleaning, hotels, and house cleaning for effective results. So, call Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide and avail our services and products at super affordable rates.

How is the air quality at your home or office?

The quality of air inside your home and workplace directly affects your health and well-being. The surrounding you spend most of your time in should have cleaner air.

When you are already suffering from respiratory diseases, and living in rooms with bad air quality, it can increase your suffering even more.

Moulds can severely damage and hamper the air quality of your house. These deadly fungi grow naturally and can put your health at serious risk.

Some of the most common types of moulds include Cladosporium, Aspergillus, Stachybotrys, and many more. These moulds float in the air during humid seasons and directly enter your body putting your health at risk.

Most reliable mould removal process at Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

We follow a certain procedure for the elimination of mould from curtains, drapes, and blinds. And, here’s how we execute our mold removal process:

As we reach the location of our customer, our experts will do a thorough inspection of the fungi growth. The area around the curtains is also inspected so the source of the problem can be detected and treated.

Up next, when the inspection is completed, we use some of our highly advanced devices to detect the moisture content in the rooms. Our professionals use humidity and moisture meters for detecting moisture presence on the walls, ceiling, and floors.

Moving on, we proceed with the elimination and removal of mould from all the affected areas. We use specialized and effective curtain magic mould remover Adelaide for killing bacteria and mould from the curtains.

But our task doesn’t end at removing mould from the curtains. We make efforts to for eliminating mould growth permanently while preventing its growth in the future.

Additionally, Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide also conducts an in-depth test of the buildings and provides a full written report of the condition. Our reports are helpful to the homeowners and buyers in convincing the property is completely free from mould, moisture, and bacteria.

Homeowners who are willing to purchase our shower curtain mould remover can also follow the same steps for assuring complete curtain cleanliness. Our products are made from non-toxic ingredients and are completely safe.

How can mould be removed from curtains?

Mould can grow anywhere they don’t seek your permission before infestation. Your curtains are one of their favorite spots, as sunlight doesn’t reach the bottom. But, a few small steps can effectively help in mould elimination. Here are a few steps for curtain mould removal Adelaide:

Vacuum cleaning: The use of a vacuum cleaner can eliminate mould from the curtains. Just make sure to vacuum the bottom of the curtains and affected area thoroughly. Throw the vacuum bag carefully as its presence at home will infect your whole place. If mould is still visible, use a tough bristled brush to remove it, and perform this activity outside your home.

Using a washing machine: Before putting the curtains in the machine, read its label to find out if it is safe for the curtain fabric or not. If it is safe, just let the machine clean your curtain in a while. The rigorous movement will remove mould from your curtains.

Dry cleaning curtains: In case your curtain fabric isn’t made for machine washing, you should opt for the dry cleaning method. Getting professional help from Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide is highly suggested in case you are clueless about the dry cleaning method. Make sure the mould is removed before dry cleaning, otherwise the fungal infestation will spread all over the curtain fabrics.

Allow natural drying: After the curtains are machine washed or dry cleaned, it is necessary to dry them. Putting a mold-infested curtain in the machine drier is not recommended. Just leave your cleaned curtains to dry in the natural sunlight and air.

Some Alternative methods for curtain mould removal

DIY Citrus solution: A citrus solution is quite an old method and highly effective shower curtain mould remover. All you need to do is apply the lemon juice and salt paste to the mould area of the curtains.

  • Squeeze some lemon on the curtain, later add some salt to it.
  • Rub the paste using a soft cloth.
  • As the mould will start coming off, rinse the curtains using normal water. Based on the type of lemon, you may witness colored stains on the curtains, hence wash it.
  • You can put the curtain in the washing machine for better cleaning.

Use oxygen bleach: If your curtain fabrics can tolerate bleach, proceed with this method for effective curtain mould removal. For checking your curtain fabric type, just apply the oxygen bleach on a small area and see if the color fades away or not. If your curtain is suitable for bleach, follow these steps:

  • Empty the bleach into the washing machine add water, and put your mouldy curtains inside it.
  • Soak up your curtains in the oxygen bleach for a few minutes.
  • Proceed with machine washing the curtains following general procedure.

Seek professional help from Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

In case, you have tried all the home remedies, and still, nothing brings effective results, feel free in contacting us for your assistance. Our products like shower curtain mould remover are effective in removing tough mould from your curtains. If you don’t feel confident in DIY, just give us a call and get your curtains in a fresh and new condition.

The presence of mould isn’t worthy of your ignorance, as it can cause severe health problems. Sometimes, the home treatments aren’t effective enough and end up damaging your curtain fabrics instead. Therefore, feel free in contacting Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide!

Water damage restoration: Our professionals provide water damage restoration services all across Adelaide. With our years of experience, we can transform your water-damaged curtains and structures into their original state. Our professionals are highly qualified and execute cleaning and restoration tasks quickly and without hassle. Additionally, we also odor removal and bacteria infestation control services to all our customers.

How are moulds harmful to humans?

Mould grows only in those surfaces that form a suitable environment for their infestation. They don’t multiply in just one day, they take their sweet time and remain unnoticeable for weeks.

That’s why Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide also encourages residents to regular cleaning of the homes and office spaces, so early detection of mould growth can be done.  The presence of mould on curtains can cause several health problems and allergies; hence identification of source is essential.

Moreover, it is a challenging task to find mould infestation in the homes and offices. Treatment of mould in its early stage can prevent humans from being the victim of unnecessary problems. For all these problems, you can avail professional help from Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide who will put a complete end to the mould infestation problem.

By using our effective shower curtain mould remover we can wipe off these dangerous fungi and bacteria from your premises. We put a permanent end to mould infestation and encourage good quality of air inside your house. Our curtain magic mould remover Adelaide is truly effective in long-term mould elimination from different types of carpet.

It is difficult to spot and eliminate the hidden moulds. Usually, moulds can be spotted behind beds, curtains, and on walls. But, our professionals are well-trained in the identification and treatment of the problematic zones. As we have decades of experience in the industry, we assure quick and effective treatment of mould from your curtains.

The presence of molds inside a home can cause sick building syndrome. In this condition, an individual feel sick only when they remain inside the house. You may experience tiredness, eyes or skin irritation, nausea, headache. You should avoid living in such conditions and immediately call Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide for curtain mould removal.

Frequently Asked Questions about curtain mould removal Adelaide

Q1.) How should I book your services?

Ans. For booking our services of curtain mould removal, you just need to visit our website and give us a call. If you write to us our response time lies in between 2 to 12 hours. We, Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide remain 24/7 available for our customers all across Adelaide.

Q2.) Is your curtain magic mould remover suitable for different curtain fabrics?

Ans. You can rely on our mould removing a product as it is highly effective in eliminating moulds from different curtain fabrics. No matter if you have blinds, drapes, linings, or nets, every curtain can be cleaned using our product. Just make sure you only use curtain mould remover if your curtain is white or colorfast.

Q3.) Do I need to dilute your product?

Ans. Our mould remover comes to your home in ready-to-use mode. You don’t need to mix anything, just spray the mould remover in the affected area of the curtain. You should not dilute the mould remover as it will reduce its effectiveness.

Q4.) Is it okay to use curtain mould remover for removing mould on toys and other items?

Ans. Our curtain mould remover contains harsh chemicals and not fit for cleaning toys. Using our mould remover is not safe for your children’s toys, bedding, or other items as they tend to take everything in their mouth.

Q5.) Are there any stores where you sell your products?

Ans. We are an online business with zero physical stores. You can easily avail of our products by contacting us. You will receive our curtain magic mould remover Adelaide, within 5 days of placing your order.

Q6.) What are the signs of availing of curtain mould removal services?

Ans. Mould growth remains unnoticed for a long time. But, as soon as you notice mould growth in the curtains, you can proceed with the application of DIY tips and home remedies. In case, you are unsure of using our product or home remedies are ineffective, feel free in contacting us.

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