How to clean stain from curtains

Oily substances and food items might lead to extreme staining and damage to your curtains. Oil seeps into the fibers of your curtains and is one of the toughest substances to remove. The stain becomes tough and can set on the fabric a lot quickly.  Although you can get rid of the oil by absorbing it, still the stain might stay back and cause damage to your fabric.

Curtain steam cleaning Adelaide

Hence, here are a few tips for curtain cleaning in Adelaide that can help you to get rid of unwanted stains and marks.

·        Pre-cleaning inspection-

Before you start cleaning your curtains or taking any type of action on your curtains, make sure that you check the fabric of your curtain.  Also, you need to check the extent of staining which has taken place on the curtains.  Not just this, you can also check the manufacturer’s guide for checking specific instructions for removing the stains from your curtains.

  • Food oil stains-

Oily and greasy food like gravy or curries can create a tough stain on your curtain. This is why you need to apply an ample amount of dishwashing soap on the soap for washing it. For this, you can dampen the sponge in lukewarm water and dab it on the fabric. Then blot the fabric to wash away the soap and also wash away the oil.  Or else, you can also apply baking soda to the stains on the curtains and mix till it turns into a paste.  Baking soda reacts with oil and helps it to wash the stain away.  Also, this solution will help you to remove foul odours from your curtains.

Baby oil stains-

If you have got baby oil stains on the curtains, then you can get rid of them with a thick layer of cornstarch and baking soda. Apply the paste on the stain and allow it to settle on the mark for about 10 minutes. Then vacuum cleans the stain and blots the curtain fabric with a white cloth which is dipped in a cleaning solution.  However, to be sure about the effective curtain cleaning technique, you need to check the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensure that you are following them. This will help you to prevent damage and give your curtains much-needed cleaning. Also, you can hire professional curtain cleaners in Adelaide who can help you in washing away the stains from your curtains.

Some more tips for curtain cleaning in Adelaide

In case you are unable to clean the grease, then you need to take the curtain down and dust it with baking soda and cornstarch.  You can also iron the stained part of the curtains. Moreover, you can always connect with the experts for consulting about the right methods of curtain cleaning in Adelaide.


Also, here are some more cleaning hacks for removing the oil stains-

  1. Keep your curtains flat on the surface. Scrape all the extra oil with the help of a plastic spoon.
  2. Spread some absorbent like baking soda, cornstarch or powder on the oil stain and let it settle on the curtains.
  3. Wash the substance with an upholstery attachment which is connected to your vacuum cleaner. You can also gently shake the curtains and use a brush attachment to clean them with a vacuum cleaner. Also, remember that do not rub the oil stain, you need to blot it instead. You need to keep blotting till you remove the stains from your curtains.
  4. You can apply an effective stain remover for cleaning your curtains. Allow it to settle for some time and then clean it after about 10-15 minutes. You can also call the expert curtain cleaners in Adelaide for help with your oil stain removal.

At Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide, you can get expert and efficient curtain cleaning services in Adelaide to help you get rid of stains and blemishes from the curtains. So, connect with us for more information and to schedule an appointment with us.

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