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Do you want to see your curtains look beautiful all the time? You have come to the right place. Obtain the best Curtain Cleaning services in Wool Bay which include drapery steam/dry cleaning services, curtain stain removal, and curtain stream cleaning, for all types of curtains. Also, curtains, deal in blind and drapery curtain cleaning too! Contact our Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide today. We provide specialized onsite blinds cleaning and drapery steam/ dry cleaning services. Our technicians hygienically sanitize and clean your blinds and curtains. Offsite curtain cleaning in Wool Bay is also available. We offer a wide range of curtain cleaning in Wool Bay to fulfil your different needs at affordable prices. Thus if reasonable, effective, and professional curtain cleaning is what you need then Gleam Curtain Cleaning in Adelaide is the best choice!

Why choose Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide?

To keep curtains fresh for a long duration it needs appropriate care. Thus, we help our customers by offering the best local services for curtain cleaning Wool Bay. Our team of skilled experts inspect situations and recommend the finest possible curtain cleaning services. Now you got to know that we provide offsite and onsite services at the lowest prices. You can contact us for any related queries regarding curtain cleaning at Wool Bay. If you want some other reasons than only quality services, we have plenty of them. Look below at our specialties and you’ll get to know why opting for us can be your best bet for your curtain cleaning Wool Bay requirements.

  • Handle every type of curtains, drapery, and blinds, regardless of their fibres
  • Reasonable curtain cleaning services for curtains, blinds, and drapery
  • Round the clock services, working on weekends and public holidays
  • Same Day and emergency curtain cleaning in Wool Bay
  • Use only Environment-friendly chemicals and biodegradable methods
  • Render curtain stream cleaning Wool Bay in unfavorable weather conditions too
  • Free curtain pick up and rehang service
  • Utilize high-end equipment system
  • Facilitate easy and efficient curtain cleaning services

Why is Professional Curtain Cleaning Services Important?

Most people ignore cleaning their curtains and blinds. But, home drapery steam/ dry cleaning services are most likely to absorb the outside dirt and dust. Curtains and blind needs to be cleaned on time or else they’ll look filthy and dull. Our curtain cleaning experts will eradicate stains and dust from your curtains on the same day of bookings. Our curtain cleaning specialists will remove stains & dust from your curtains on the same day of bookings. We restore the new look of your drapery by offering you drapery steam/ dry cleaning services. Dispose of spots and stains from your drapery & enhance the beauty of your home.

  • Remove hidden germs & bacteria from moldy dirty curtains
  • Expand the life of your curtains
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Peace of Mind
  • Avert skin problems and respiration

Expert Curtain Cleaning Wool Bay Process:

At Gleam curtain Cleaning Adelaide, inspection, assessment, and analysis of the curtain and its fabric is done, in order to identify what extent of cleaning is needed to restore the dirty curtain. This allows our qualified cleaners to use the most appropriate cleaning method for your curtains. We make use of ultra-modern cleaning methods and tools to free the dirt particles from the curtain and suck them out. Further, high-tech machines that we use do not leave even those stains, dust, and odors, which reside deep within the fabric. We have produced biodegradable curtain cleaning solvents for different kinds of fabrics. Our technicians will use the suitable one for your expensive curtains, safeguarding the fabric so that it doesn’t get damaged and yet there’s no chance for stains to stay! After that, our experts reliably apply powerful stain-protectors to give an extra layer of protection to your curtains. Also to keep curtains safe from future stains. Further, they deodorize the curtains to smell them fresh. Last but not the least, our technicians will ensure that linings, steaming, corners, and all hemlines are fine and do not need any repair.

Pick-up Dry Clean and Rehang Curtains Wool Bay:

When the above procedure is completed, our technicians will carefully hang your curtains back to their place, making your home look more attractive. With Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide, you can be certainly sure that our professional cleaners will be swift in their service. Once you hand over your curtains to us be rest assured that they are in safe hands. They will perform a post-inspection with you to see if everything has been done in a perfect manner and you are satisfied with the job.

  • Provide free curtain pickup and drop service
  • Latest drapery steam/ dry cleaning service
  • Gentle Curtain Laundry Cleaning
  • Rehang your home curtains
  • 24×7 flexible booking hours 7 days
  • Provide emergency service even on public holidays

Benefits of Our Curtain Cleaning in Wool Bay:

Curtains get dirtier as time passes and it is none of their mistakes. Certain fabrics entice more dirt and some a little less, but all of them do get dirty. Dirty curtains are unpleasant to the sight as well as unsafe for the health of the residents of the home. The contaminants, bacteria, allergens, and other kinds of impurities, which come along with the dust, dirt, and stains could cause serious health issues to you and your family. Likewise, the loathsome odor changes the overall aura of your home, and your home stinks; giving a negative impression to the guests. Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide provides you complete freedom from smelly, dirty, and stained curtains in Adelaide. Our curtain cleaning in Wool Bay ensures that your curtains get vaccinated with a new life, absolutely stain-free, become utterly clean, extremely fragmented, and completely healthy. We guarantee a praiseworthy difference in your curtains once we clean them with our exclusive techniques. There are a number of advantages of curtain cleaning in Wool Bay, which includes

  • Drapery steam/ dry cleaning services prevents mould growth
  • Avoid allergies through curtain stream cleaning in Wool Bay
  • Adds beauty to your home
  • Take away adamant stains and odors and contaminants
  • Expand the life of your curtains and do not face tear or wear
  • Deep cleaning thoroughly removes dirt, bacteria, and allergens from curtains effectively
  • Restore discoloration of the fabric
  • Utilize modern cleaning techniques and equipment to clean vertical curtains or drapes
  • Wipeout cleaning agent residues thoroughly

Hiring professionals from Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide will help you get a healthier living!

Curtain Stream Cleaning Wool Bay:

Your curtain can tolerate more than you can think of. Regular tear and wear, stain, and dust make your curtains dull and dirty. Moreover, dirty curtains dull the look of your home. Whether it is a spot or too many spots on the curtain grabs everyone’s attention. It can be embarrassing, especially when you have the guests over. The DIY technique is fine but your curtains require much more than regular homely methods; because traditional methods are not adequate to keep and make your curtains clean. Gleam curtain cleaning Adelaide is one of the best curtain cleaning service providers in Adelaide, providing top-class facilities and complete care for your drapery

Effective Curtain Cleaning in Wool Bay:

The team of our professionals at Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide is well-versed with the techniques and procedures to clean your property’s curtains and blinds. Once done with the successful booking, your experts will reach the location on the same day of booking, and even provide 24×7 emergency services. All our excellent curtain cleaning services are well-known throughout Wool Bayincluding all suburbs and remote areas. Contact us today to avail of our curtains cleaned at reasonable prices. One of our representatives will assist you to book our services or get a express booking.

What all services do Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaine provides?

As you all are well aware of the fact that mere dusting or vacuuming the curtains does not do enough justice to them all the time. Deep cleaning is required to the curtains and it can only be given by the experts. That’s the Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaine is here to provide you the best domestic, commercial blind, and curtain cleaning in Wool Bay. Moreover, we offer all types of curtain stream cleaning Wool Bay. Our onsite mobile curtain cleaners can vacuum clean your curtains without taking them down.

  • Experts in cleaning all kinds of drapery fabrics
  • Repair and Restore the original look of your curtain
  • Outstanding curtain cleaning in Wool Bay
  • Residential & commercial curtain cleaning
  • Express booking over call
  • Instant response from our representative
  • Customer-friendly online booking facility

Besides the above facilities, here are some of the special services that we offer: Reliable services

Certified Professionals:

We have qualified and professionally trained local curtain cleaners who are IICRC certified. Also, they are equipped with high-end technology which allows them to ensure that the texture and colour of your curtains do not get damaged.


All our drapery steam/dry cleaning services are available at a very economical rate and with advanced technology and equipment. Despite providing services at a reasonable rate, we never compromise with the quality.

Round the clock service

We will be available 24×7 to receive your call. The curtain cleaning Wool Bay services provided by us is suitable for all the kind of cleaning needs.

Local experts

We hire local professionals of Wool Bay who are acquainted with the climatic conditions, the allergens and cleaning processes.

Same Day

At Gleam Curtain Cleaning in Adelaide, we provide a quality curtain cleaning service in at same day after your booking, which we ensure that our clients are content with our job.

Environment-friendly methods

From our side, we take care of everything; we bring our eco-friendly equipment, cleaning agents, and quality tools. You have to do nothing. Our technicians have always provided the best to our clients and continuously refine our services.

We are proud to tell you that now our clients can book any drapery steam/ dry cleaning services for the same day. Contact us at 0480021345 for booking or ask for a express booking.

Comprehensive and Best-in-class Curtain Cleaning in Wool Bay:

Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide provides the finest range of curtains and blinds cleaning solutions. We deliver both services- on-site and off-site curtain cleaning. With us, you can be sure of no shrinkage at all. Environment-friendly cleaning methods that we use give a fantastic look to your curtains and make them contaminants-free. Restore your curtains with reasonably priced curtain cleaning services! When you clean curtains by yourself, you vacuum them which are not enough every time. Therefore, you need to hire specialized curtain cleaning in Wool Bay. If you thoroughly want to clean the curtains and get rid of the disease-causing agents; what are you waiting for? Book our services today! Gleam Curtain Cleaning in Adelaide promise to make your curtains cleaner and healthier. With the help of advanced techniques and machinery, we extract dust and contaminants from deep within the curtain fabric. To find out more about our Curtain Cleaning Wool Bay solutions, you can explore our website.

  • Onsite and offsite laundry Curtain Cleaning Wool Bay
  • Repairing and restoring curtain
  • Curtain Mould Removal Services
  • Same Day Curtain Cleaning in Wool Bay
  • Curtain Sanitising & Deodorising
  • Dry Cleaning Curtains
  • Curtain Dust & Spot Removal
  • Emergency drapery steam/ dry cleaning services

Clean a Variety of Curtains and Blinds:

We clean all types of blinds and curtains throughout Wool Bay.

  • Casual Drapery Cleaning
  • Linen Curtain Dry Cleaning
  • Puddle Curtain Cleaning
  • Blackout Curtain Cleaning
  • Silk & Synthetic curtain cleaning
  • Cotton Fabric Curtains Cleaning
  • Velvet Curtain Cleaning
  • Polyster Curtain Cleaning

We specialize in curtain cleaning in Wool Bay. Obtain cleaning for all other kinds of curtain fabrics. For over two decades across Wool Bay, we have been serving exquisite cleaning service for your valuable and precious curtains and restore and prolong their life with our exclusive curtain washing and steaming/ drying treatment procedures. When you buy new designer curtains to cover your doors or windows, it looks appealing and enhances your home décor; giving a stylish look to the whole interior decor of your home. Their shine, elegance, and newness are what capture your attention. Curtains act as a shield in your home. The dust, soil, and other particles coming from outside are absorbed within their material and help you breathe easier. However, gradually things keep changing and they tend to worsen the quality and appearances. Likewise, your home curtains get dirty, start discolouring, and accumulates harmful bacteria and germs that can affect the health of your family. Also, the curtains start looking dull, dusty, and boring. The worsening of curtains can make someone fall ill due to deterioration of air quality, and allergies. These are the signs that you need to seek a professional for cleaning. But, gradually the gathering of such particles increases to such an extent that someone starts sneezing at home or falls ill due to allergy, the air quality deteriorates, and the curtains start looking dirty. These are signals that you need professional cleaning. Gleam Curtain Cleaning Wool Bay is a company specializing in drapes, curtain, and blinds cleaning. We treat all kinds of curtains and blinds such as polyester, nylon, velvet, wool, rubber back, Austrian blinds, Holland blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, and all others. No matter what kind of curtain/blind you have, our expert curtain cleaners will infuse a new life into them!

Top-notch Curtain Cleaning Wool Bay:

Our curtain cleaning services are the ultimate solution for all your cleaning needs with emergency 24/7 and same-day availability. We ensure the guarantee to our clients about the best drapery steam/ dry cleaning services with no extra amount charged. If by any chance, the work done by us does not satisfy the client, we send back our team again to resolve the problem areas and make them wait there till our client gets satisfied with our job. However, in order to evade any kind of hassle or trouble, we highly recommend our customers to take care of a few things:-

  • Take the measurement of the length and breadth of the curtains that need to be cleaned. Doing so would avert your confusions concerning the shrinkage of the curtains
  • Note down the number and types of stains, holes, or spots you already had in the curtains
  • Check tassels and tie backs which are attached to the drapery
  • Inform us in prior about the kind of services that you need and if you want us to take care of something special
  • Do let us know about the risks or any special conditions related to the material and color of the curtains

Having 20+ years of Experience in the Industry

Since we are talking about curtain cleaning services, we know the types of curtains and so our experts can recommend you when it’s time for you to understand that the curtain needs cleaning. Also, different types of curtains need different types of cleaning methods. Some need thorough washing and dry cleaning; some need only steam cleaning; while some need only vacuum cleaning.

Roman Curtain Types

Roman curtains are known for their simplicity. They are of two types- hobbled roman shades or flat roman shades in diverse colors. When you have such heavy fabric in your home, very easily dust gets accumulated. Furthermore, hobbled curtains are sewed in such a way that it hangs like Japanese fans. If you observe closely, each gap on the outer part gets covered with dust. If you are running an AC in the room, there are very low chances of dust accumulation, yet, stains are hardly unavoidable! As dirt is oily in nature, with time it leaves a stain on your curtain.

Pleated Curtain Cleaning Services:

These types of curtains are more attractive and give an elegant look to your home. Nevertheless, if we look closely, these curtains are the hardest to clean. A lot of customers came to us who uses vacuum cleaner for cleaning the curtains. But they fail to remove stains! Since pleats comprise multiple folds, dust accumulates on such curtains very easily; only proper dry cleaning can assist. Stains can occur due to multiple reasons. For instance, it can be a house party or a mistaken spilled by your children. Don’t worry! Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide is here to help you provide curtain cleaning services.

Velvet Curtains:

Several velvet curtains are machine washable while others need dry cleaning. Our qualified professionals will inspect to let you know which yours are and what method can be used. Especially, for lined velvet curtains, we provide drapery steam/ dry cleaning service only.

Sheer Fabric or Lace Curtain Cleaning in Wool Bay:

Usually, these curtains are very lightweight and so the material of these curtains makes them susceptible to snagging and wrinkling when they’re damp or wet. Therefore, it is recommended to hand wash them in a sink filled with cold water and one teaspoon of liquid dish detergent. Wobble them outdoors to dislodge dust and pet hair. Also, make sure you wash one panel at a time by submerging it in the soapy water for 10 minutes; twirling to loosen debris. Swirl the panel again to remove soap residue and leave it for drying. Above all, it always best to seek the help of professional cleaners to restore your sheer fabric or lace curtain. We maintain a crisp feel to sheer or lace curtains by gently washing and cleaning them in 15-20 minutes. In the end, we deep dry from your shower rod or clothesline to remove all the residues and hang them back to their place.

Polyster Curtains:

Polyester curtains usually are dry cleaned. We know polyster curtains are expensive or you’re concerned about ruining them, by all means, take them to a trusted curtain cleaning in Wool Bay! If you just want to refresh them trying a dry clean all by yourself. You can even try washing them to see if there’s any improvement but you must know that washing them by applying home remedies may ruin them, so there’s certainly a risk. Therefore, it is advisable to seek professional help to clean your polyster curtains, as polyster is a very delicate fabric and can deteriorate while dry cleaning.

Avail of our Curtain Cleaning in Wool Bay at affordable cost:

Cleaning of curtains is usually one of the most essential things in any home, yet usually, they turn into the most ignored. Also, keeping up a curtain may look like a truly simple thing to perform yet actually it can be hard. You need to know that hurling curtains in the washer many a time, every week does not suffice as up to the mark consideration. In order to make your curtains lasts for more than only two or three years, you should set up consistent curtain cleaning and maintenance through our professional curtain cleaning Wool Bay. Hire our professional curtain cleaning services; we utilize machine cleaning with some biodegradable curtain cleansers, which can help restore your curtains. When considering hiring us, be stress-free as all our services are available at reasonable rates. To provide more convenience to our customers, we make ourselves available providing 24×7 emergency services with no additional charges applied. After all, customer safety is our top priority!

Routine Care after Professional Curtain Cleaning in Wool Bay:

  • Once your curtain, blind, or draper is professionally cleaned doesn’t mean that it won’t be stained again. Dirt and dust get accumulated on curtains every day. Thus, you need to maintain its beauty and cleanliness.
  • After the deep cleaning by our experts at Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide, remember to dust curtains regularly with your soft, long-handled broom with synthetic fibres, or even vacuum cleaner attached with a soft brush. Doing so will remove the little dirt and dust that is gathered on the surface.
  • Keep in mind that if you use a vacuum cleaner, you need to set it for reduced suction so you don’t draw the fabric into the nozzle. Also, secure an old nylon stocking over the nozzle with a rubber band. This will avoid the wear and tear of the curtain and also your vacuum will not be damaged. If the threads of fabric go inside the nozzle they can get stuck inside the vacuum machine and can damage the machine as well.
  • If you can take down curtains and rehang them with relative ease, it will be best for you. In that case, you can air them outdoors on a clothesline or put them in a clothes dryer set to the no-heat or delicate cycle, occasionally.

Things Required to Clean Curtains

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Laundry detergent
  • Drapery attachment
  • Clothes dryer/clothesline
  • Washing machine/hand washing supplies
  • Equipment for dry cleaning or steam cleaning curtains

Prominent Curtain Cleaning Company in Wool Bay

Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide is the most trusted, reliable, and professional curtain cleaning company in Adelaide, Australia. We have a team of experts to serve you with our special and tailor-made curtain cleaning Wool Bay services as per the material of the blinds, curtains, or drapes. Not just that but we also offer drapery steam/dry cleaning services. The products and solutions that we use in our procedures are harmless and eco-friendly; ensuring the complete safety of your family, kids, and pets. At Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide, our team is always happy to help you 24×7 to add more convenience to you. Hence, you do not have to take out extra time from your busy schedule just to wait at home until we arrive, and get the curtains cleaned. Our professional curtain cleaners take the entire responsibility, right from taking down the curtains, blinds, drapes, etc. to repairing, cleaning, and restoring them, and to rehang them back safely to their place. Moreover, we also provide curtain stream cleaning in Wool Bay, where all the cleaning and drying of your curtains can be done quickly at your home. To avail of our curtain cleaning services in Adelaide, contact us. Our professionals will arrive at your doorstep to serve you with the best-in-class cleaning and restoration services across all Australian cities.

We are chosen for our specialties that include:

  • Eco-friendly techniques
  • Biodegradable detergents and solvents
  • Same day service
  • 24×7 emergency service
  • Instant query response
  • Flexible working hours
  • Drapery steam/ dry cleaning services
  • Best-in-industry products and equipment

At Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide, we aim to satisfy the highest expectations of our customers as we consider it as one of our highest priorities. For many years now, businesses depend on us for superlative curtain cleaning in Wool Bay. We are a reliable drapery and blind cleaning company that renders unparalleled services. Furthermore, we provide our customers 100% clean guarantee on our work to highlight our ability to deliver top-quality service.


1. Can you come to my place to inspect my curtains?

Yes sure, please do the booking from the number provided on our website or simply ask for a express booking. One of our representatives will assist you and schedule an inspection. After the inspection, our professionals will recommend the best suitable curtain cleaning services for you.

2. Which service will you prefer onsite or offsite?

We leave that on you whichever service is convenient for you we’ll provide that to you. But, if you ask us, our experts do recommend an onsite service for same-day service at the customer’s location. Please feel free to contact us at 0480021345 for more such queries or if you wish to make any booking.

3. Do you look after safety while handling curtains?

Yes, of course, we understand that during this COVID-19 times how essential it is to look after your family’s safety. Don’t worry! Our experts are well trained and qualified and take care of all safety measures. After performing drapery steam/ dry cleaning services, we sanitize and deodorize the curtains, as well as the solutions and techniques that we use, are environment-friendly.

4. Besides cleaning do you remove bad smell from curtains?

Yes, we have a team of professionals who can perform odor removal services with the help of advanced technologies. After the cleaning is done, we thoroughly deodorize the curtain to make it look and feel fresh.

5. Do you also repair curtains?

Yes, once you hand over your curtain to us, it is entirely our responsibility to take care of them. At Gleam Curtain Cleaning Adelaide, we don’t just clean but also look after the wear and tear, and restore curtains to their original form accordingly.

6. Will you help re-install my curtains?

Sure! We would love to serve you for whatever is required of you regarding curtain cleaning Wool Bay. We will surely help you install curtains and blinds using advanced technologies and types of equipment.

7. Can I wash my curtain by hand?

Washing curtains by hands or not is perfectly your choice. If you are comfortable you can choose to do so or you can take the help of professionals who offers trusted curtain cleaning services. Normally, hand wash ensures that all the precautions are followed to keep curtains safe from wear and tear. However, in certain fabrics, hand washing can even ruin the material and fade the colour. It can be a risky process with you may not be having suitable detergents. Consult our professionals, they will guide you about the cleaning powder or liquid that will be suitable for your fabric.

8. What should I do to remove oil stains from drapes?

Drapes or curtains absorb oil stains from greasy or motor foods very quickly. We know that oil stains are tough. Thus, removing it successfully can be a challenging task. Immature attempts at eliminating those stains may shred your curtains. We recommend you better invest in professional curtain cleaning Wool Bay. However, if you want to clean your own curtains, go through our website, our professional guides will be useful in removing fresh and old oil stains from curtains.

9. What are the durations to perform curtain cleaning?

Professional cleaning of the curtain must be done on a regular basis. The time of every method varies so request you to contact us at 0480021345 for more information. One of our curtain cleaning consultants will assist you to resolve your queries. You can even ask us for a express booking.

10. How do I clean curtains while hanging?

You can clean hanging curtains by vacuum. All you need is a powerful vacuum cleaner with a long attachment. Below are few steps which you can follow:

  • Shake the curtain nicely to dust it
  • With the help of a brush remove any tiny fibres
  • Make use of the power of steam or dryer
  • Sanitize and deodorise
  • Clean blinds with care
  • Let your curtains breathe fresh air

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